Mishakawa, IN insurance options

Mishawaka, IN is located just outside of South Bend, which is best known for Notre Dame University. This suburb of the infamous college town is known as a quiet place for people to live and work but those who are residents here should look into having a number of insurance policies to protect them against the unexpected. Below are some options for why you need insurance in a place like Mishawaka, IN, preferably through a provider like the Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency, who serves the greater Mishawaka area.


Auto insurance is one of the most important forms of insurance that you can opt for in Mishawaka, IN. Everyone who owns a car knows the true freedom of traveling around the Indiana area. The base insurance policies will protect you against having to pay for damages that an accident you are at fault for causes to someone else’s car or in the case of personal injury. However, your insurance agent can advise other larger forms of coverage that will protect you against having to pay for property, your own vehicle’s damage, and any lawsuits that may arise out of the collision. If you have a car, you’ll need this type of insurance.


If you have a house in Mishawaka, you will need insurance to protect where you live as well. This will cover everything from the serious storms that blow off Lake Michigan, to a fire that burns the house down, or even the exploding pipes in the dead of winter that flood the basement. Without this type of insurance, your perfect home in this sleepy suburb could become a perfect financial nightmare and quite literally leave you homeless. Talk to an insurance agent with Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency today to make sure you are properly covered.