Information You Need to Have on Hand When Getting a Commercial Insurance Quote

If you own a business, it is highly recommended that you obtain commercial insurance. This helps to protect your business against a variety of losses including theft, employee loss and loss from fire or flood. If you have never carried this type of insurance before, you may be unsure what information you need to have on hand when getting a commercial insurance quote. Here are a few things you will want to know or have readily available when you call to get a quote.

The Number of Employees You Have

When you call in to get a quote for commercial insurance, you will want to have a rough estimate of the number of employees who work for you. Commercial insurance generally covers your employees against injuries at work, so the more employees you have, the more your insurance quote will be. Having the exact number of employees you employ on hand when you call for a quote helps to ensure the quote is as accurate as possible.

The Total Value of Product or Merchandise in Your Store

Another number you will want to have on hand when you call for a commercial insurance quote is the value of the product or merchandise you keep in your store or warehouse at any given time. This helps to ensure you get a quote that fully covers the valuables stored in your space.

The Number of Claims That You Have Filed in the Past

Lastly, if you have had commercial insurance in the past, you will want to know how many claims you have filed against this policy in the past five years. The more claims you have made, the higher your policy will be. However, an insurance company will verify this information, so providing accurate information ensures your quote is as accurate as possible.

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