Do I need a commercial insurance plan in Indiana?

For those that dream of opening a small business, Mishawaka IN can be a great place to go to. Those that are in this area of Indiana will have a lot of opportunities to be successful but will still have to manage through standard business risks. One way that a business owner here can mitigate some of these risks is by getting proper insurance. There are a few reasons your company will need commercial insurance coverage. 

Commercial Insurance is Required

A reason that you may need to get commercial insurance for your business is that it could be a requirement for you. There are many situations when maintaining commercial insurance coverage will be an absolute requirement for a business. If you have taken out a business loan, lease a place of business, or have raised equity you will likely have commercial insurance requirements that you need to stay in compliance with.

Insurance Will Protect Company 

Even if you are not legally obligated to carry commercial insurance, it would still be a good idea for you to get and maintain it. If you have full commercial insurance it will give you coverage to protect your business assets and can mitigate liability risk. Both of these forms of protection are valuable and could keep your business solvent during some difficult situations. 

For a business owner that is in Mishawaka, IN, having proper commercial insurance continues to be very important. When you are looking for a new plan, it is easy to be confused by all of the options. The team with Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency can help you to assess all of your needs and options. Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency can then help you build an insurance plan that will properly protect your business against a variety of risks. 

When should you review your home insurance policy

Homes are central to many of the most important events happening in people’s lives. It is also one of the biggest purchases most people ever make. Protecting this major investment is vital to financial security. Home insurance is the way the building and contents are protected against the many things that can go wrong and damage your home. At Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency in Mishawaka, IN, we have more than 40 years of combined experience and we pledge to provide our customers with quality service and affordable prices. 

Ideally, when you receive your home insurance renewal you take the time to review your declaration. This tells you the amount of your coverage, the deductibles, and any endorsements you may have. Look at your liability coverage, replacement home value, and content coverage to determine that it makes sense. 

When your wealth increases

A traditional home policy has lower liability coverage than perhaps you are comfortable with. As you gain more equity in your home and accumulate more possession, your wealth increases. The more you have, the more attractive a target you are. You should evaluate your liability coverage to make sure it reflects your net worth. As part of your increased wealth, consider the amount you will get to replace content. Does it make sense with what your own?  Have you acquired some expensive jewelry, art, or electronics needing additional coverage? 

When you make improvements

Every improvement you make adds some value to your home. A security system, hard-wired smoke detectors, and a new roof are all things that may lower your premium. Adding additional space, finishing a basement, or updating a kitchen or bath increase the value of your home, and therefore additional coverage is something to consider. 

Contact Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency in Mishawaka, IN for all your insurance needs. 

Why should I invest in motorcycle insurance?

When you are in Mishawaka, IN, and are looking for a new type of vehicle, a good option to consider getting is a motorcycle. When you do purchase a motorcycle, it will offer you a fun mode of transportation that is also very energy efficient. As you are looking for one, you also need to think about your insurance needs. There are several reasons to invest in a new insurance policy. 

Insurance is a Requirement

One of the primary reasons that you will need to get motorcycle insurance is that it is often a requirement for all drivers and owners. If you have taken out a loan to purchase your motorcycle, the lender will require that you maintain a full policy until your loan is paid off. To drive your car anywhere in the state, you will be required to at least have a minimum level of liability motorcycle insurance. 

Insurance Protects Asset

You will also want to get motorcycle insurance because it will be able to protect your valuable asset. A motorcycle is a prized possession that also requires you to make a big investment to purchase it. When you are looking to protect your asset, getting a full motorcycle insurance policy is a good idea. The full insurance policies will give you insurance protection that can offset the risks that you will have to pay for damages following an accident or to replace your asset if it is stolen. 

Anyone that is in Mishawaka, IN, and is looking for insurance could benefit by calling the Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency. The insurance team with the Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency understands how important it is that you choose the right policy to meet your needs. They can help you assess your needs and pick the right policy. 

Do I need home insurance when my mortgage is paid off

When you purchase a home you commit to up to 30 years of mortgage payments. When you make the last payment, a party is called for. You aren’t required to carry home insurance any longer by your lender so the temptation may be there to let it lapse. At the  Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency in Mishawaka, IN we strive to make getting the insurance you need simple and stress-free. With over 46 years of experience, we have the knowledge you look for in an insurance agency. 

While not having to pay for home insurance may seem like an attractive option, it puts your largest asset in danger as well as your other assets. Home insurance offers valuable protection and is something you need to continue to keep on your home.

Most people think about replacing the physical home as the main component of their home insurance, it is only one. Your home insurance also protects your contents, offers liability protection, and will help you have a roof over your head if your house is damaged or destroyed. 

We live in a world where getting sued has become a common occurrence. If someone is injured at your home or by a member of your family, you are responsible for any medical bill that may be incurred, Beyond that, they may decide to sue you. Judgments are on the rise and can run into six figures. If you don’t have liability insurance it is up to you to pay the money from your savings or by having your wages attached. You could end up having to sell your home which defeats the purpose of saving money by letting your home insurance lapse. 

If you live in Mishawaka, IN or the surrounding area, the independent agents at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency can help protect your home at a price that makes sense to you. Stop into our office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote. 

When is having home insurance a requirement?

There are many different great investments that someone can make. However, one of the best long-term investments that you could make would be to purchase your own home. If you are in Mishawaka, IN, buying a home will come with plenty of short-term and long-term advantages. When you do purchase a home here, you need to remember that it is a very big asset and investment that you need to properly protect. A great way to do this is with home insurance. In fact, there are several situations when having this will be a requirement.

When Financing the Home

A very common situation when you will need to have home insurance is when you are going to finance the purchase of the home. Anyone that takes out a mortgage will need to carefully review their insurance requirements. Most of the time, it will include specifications for the type and level of insurance that you need. 

When in an Association

If you live in a property that is governed by a home association, you also likely will need to have home insurance. A condo association will want all owners to have home insurance to ensure they can pay for damages they cause and to repair their home. You will likely need to provide evidence of coverage each year. 

Property owners in the Mishawaka, IN area often are required to get home insurance. Even if it is not a requirement for you, having this coverage is almost always a good idea. When you are in the market for home insurance here, you should speak with the team at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency. If you do call Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency you can learn a lot more about the advantages of this insurance policy and how it could protect you. 

Three features of motorcycle insurance you should be aware of

If you want peace of mind and financial security while you’re biking, it’s important for you to have the right motorcycle insurance policy.

We provide motorcycle insurance to Mishawaka, IN bikers at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency. We can help you navigate the complexities of this important financial product.

The following are three features of motorcycle insurance you should be aware of.

First accident waiver

Some motorcycle insurance policies offer a first accident waiver. With this type of policy feature, getting in one accident won’t cause your premium to go up at all. This helps to keep your premium constant and removes some of the uncertainty of motorcycle insurance premiums.

You might need to meet certain driving record requirements to qualify for a first accident waiver on your motorcycle insurance policy. 

Motorcycle replacement coverage

Bike replacement coverage is a good feature to have on your motorcycle insurance policy. With this feature, you can be sure that you will get enough back from your insurance company in the event of a total loss to replace your bike. 

Accessory coverage

A lot of bikers add accessories to their bike that provide enhancements. It’s important to be aware of the insurance ramifications of adding accessories.

You may need to update your coverage after you have accessories added so that you can be sure that you’re covered for new features you’ve put on your bike. This is especially true if you’ve invested in a particularly valuable motorcycle enhancement like the addition of a custom exhaust to boost horsepower. 

You can learn more about motorcycle insurance features by contacting us at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency. Get in touch with us today to explore motorcycle insurance policy options in Mishawaka, IN. 

Do You Need Commercial Insurance for Your Indiana Business?

You have invested your time, hard work, and money into your business and to protect your business, you should consider obtaining commercial insurance. In the state of Indiana, all businesses must carry two types of commercial insurance:

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

State law in Indiana requires that all businesses that have any employees, full-time or part-time, must carry a workers’ compensation insurance policy. This type of insurance will help pay the medical bills and wages of your employees if they are hurt on the job or become ill due to a reason associated with their job and cannot work for a period of time.

Commercial Auto Insurance

All vehicles used for business purposes associated with your business must be covered under the state laws in Indiana which require all drivers to at least have liability insurance. This type of coverage pays a certain amount per person who is injured in an auto accident deemed to be the fault of you or one of your employees and any property that is damaged as a result of the accident.

General Liability Insurance

This type of insurance will provide coverage for injuries sustained by a customer or visitor to your business or injuries caused by your business. For example, if you own a construction business and a ladder falls on top of a person walking by on the sidewalk near a job site, this policy will help cover their medical bills and lost wages due to their injuries sustained in the incident. It will also cover any property damage that occurs due to an incident caused by your business.

Professional Liability Insurance

This type of coverage will help pay your legal fees if someone files a lawsuit against you due to a faulty product or some other reason.

Cyber Liability Insurance

If there is a breach of data or a cyberattack that causes your customers’ personal information to be hacked, this type of policy will cover fees and other costs associated with clearing up this situation, including the costs associated with informing all of your customers about the breach of security.

To create the best policy for you and your business, you will want to enlist the help of an experienced commercial insurance agent. The agents at the Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency in Mishawaka, IN are ready to serve all of your commercial business needs and to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Call for an appointment today!

Three features your home insurance policy should offer

If you’re a homeowner in Mishawaka, IN, you need to purchase home insurance to protect the investments you’ve made in your property. We offer home insurance policies at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency. 

Here are three features you should be sure to look for in your home insurance policy.

Coverage for temporary living costs

If something happens to your home that makes it temporarily uninhabitable, you’re going to need a place to stay. You should know that some home insurance policies will offer coverage for temporary living costs brought about by the destruction of a policy holder’s property.

This is a useful feature for a home insurance policy to have. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about finding a way to pay for alternative housing until your home gets repaired. 

Added coverage options for especially valuable possessions

A standard home insurance policy should offer coverage for the possessions within your home. However, there will be coverage maximums on this type of coverage. If you have especially valuable possessions in your home, a standard home insurance policy might not offer enough coverage for your needs.

This makes it important to choose home insurance from a provider who can offer added coverage for valuable possessions. 

Coverage for damage to outbuildings on your property

If you have outbuildings on your home like a detached garage or guest cottage, it’s essential for you to make sure your home insurance will cover these outbuildings. Otherwise, you might end up having to pay out of pocket for repairs if your outbuildings become damaged. 

Are you interested in learning more about important home insurance features? Get in touch with us at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency to learn more about home insurance in Mishawaka, IN. 

Protect Your Motorcycle With These Insurance Add Ons

There are all kinds of insurance options for your motorcycle. It doesn’t matter what sort of bike you have; you will want to protect it adequately. With the varying insurance options available to you, it can be a bit tricky to know which one is right for your riding needs. Some may be of no use for you, while others may be essential. So which should you opt for? Our staff here at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency is here to help you with this. So, if you live in or around Mishawaka, IN, and own a motorcycle (or are considering the purchase of one), let our staff aid you in finding insurance coverage options. 

Medical Payments / PIP

With Medical Payments, also known as MedPay, this insurance is designed to offer protection for your medical bills. These bills will aid with your health insurance, assisting you in covering varying injuries you might have. You may also want to consider Personal Injury Protection or PIP. This will help not only pay for medical expenses but also lost wages if you’re injured and can’t work. 

Roadside Assistance

Should your bike break down in the middle of a ride, or if the battery should fail on you, it is vital to seek assistance. Roadside assistance will provide you with this assistance and save you money in the process. 

Protect your Motorcycle With The Right Insurance Add Ons

These are just a handful of the motorcycle insurance add ons you can consider for your bike. With so many other options to choose from, you may not know what to go with. But don’t worry, our staff here at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency is ready and waiting to help. So, if you live around the greater Mishawaka, IN area, and own a motorcycle, give our staff a call. We’ll answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and help you find the right motorcycle insurance protection for your needs. 

Do I need commercial insurance in Indiana?

Anyone that owns a business in the Mishawaka, IN area likely knows that many essential responsibilities come with business ownership. One important responsibility that you will have is the need to carry commercial insurance. There are several reasons why a business owner in this area will need to have this coverage. 

Required by Lender

One reason why you need to have commercial insurance for your Indiana business is that your lender can require it. Starting a business requires a lot of capital, and to obtain it, many owners decide to take out a small business loan. If you do decide to take out a loan to finance your business, you need to comply with your insurance requirements. Most business lenders will require you have a full commercial insurance policy as it can provide a variety of essential protections.

Required by Law

Another reason why you may need to have commercial insurance is that it can be required by law. Similar to other states, business owners of a certain size in terms of employee count are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance will provide valuable protection to your employees and your business. To ensure you stay in compliance, you need to make sure it is included in your commercial insurance plan.

Ultimately, there are many reasons a business in the Mishawaka, IN area should have commercial insurance. When you are looking for your next policy, you should call the team at the Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency. If you do call the Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency, you are going to receive the support that you need to choose a new policy. This will help to ensure that your business is covered, and you comply with all requirements.