Three features of motorcycle insurance you should be aware of

If you want peace of mind and financial security while you’re biking, it’s important for you to have the right motorcycle insurance policy.

We provide motorcycle insurance to Mishawaka, IN bikers at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency. We can help you navigate the complexities of this important financial product.

The following are three features of motorcycle insurance you should be aware of.

First accident waiver

Some motorcycle insurance policies offer a first accident waiver. With this type of policy feature, getting in one accident won’t cause your premium to go up at all. This helps to keep your premium constant and removes some of the uncertainty of motorcycle insurance premiums.

You might need to meet certain driving record requirements to qualify for a first accident waiver on your motorcycle insurance policy. 

Motorcycle replacement coverage

Bike replacement coverage is a good feature to have on your motorcycle insurance policy. With this feature, you can be sure that you will get enough back from your insurance company in the event of a total loss to replace your bike. 

Accessory coverage

A lot of bikers add accessories to their bike that provide enhancements. It’s important to be aware of the insurance ramifications of adding accessories.

You may need to update your coverage after you have accessories added so that you can be sure that you’re covered for new features you’ve put on your bike. This is especially true if you’ve invested in a particularly valuable motorcycle enhancement like the addition of a custom exhaust to boost horsepower. 

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