Does My Motorcycle Insurance Cover Other Riders in Indiana?

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you may want to give others a ride on your bike. However, before you hand over your keys to let a friend explore the highways and byways of Indiana, make sure your insurance covers passengers and other riders. Experts at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency can help you review your policy and make recommendations to protect you and your motorcycle in Mishawaka, IN.

Does My Motorcycle Insurance Cover My Passengers?

Your coverage depends on the type of motorcycle insurance policy you choose. Motorcycle liability is the most common type of insurance, but it doesn’t usually cover passengers. To protect yourself and your passenger, you can buy comprehensive and collision insurance, which provides wider protection in case you cause an accident.

Can I Add Riders to my Policy?

Most motorcycle insurance includes an option to add riders to your policy. Ask your insurance agent for the details on the types of policies available to get the best one for your needs. You may be asked for a list of names you wish to cover under your insurance. The insurer may check that person’s driving record to determine the cost to add them to your motorcycle policy. Some policies provide limited coverage for riders who are not named.

For Indiana riders, motorcycle liability insurance protects you if you are sued. There’s a stigma against motorcycles, which many drivers feel are dangerous. Schedule an appointment with Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency to get a free quote on motorcycle insurance in Mishawaka, IN. We’ll help you find insurance that covers you for property damage and liability in the case of an accident caused by you or another driver.