What is a partial helmet law?

Motorcycles are everywhere. More and more residents who live in the Mishawaka, IN area are jumping on the bandwagon to enjoy some wind therapy. The agents at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency encourage all of the clients who own or ride motorcycles always to wear a DOT-approved helmet. Helmets are designed to prevent head injuries and are proven to save lives.

What Is a Partial Helmet Law?

Indiana has a partial helmet law in place. This means that even though everyone is encouraged to wear a helmet while they are riding, only select groups are required to. In the state of Indiana, riders who are under the age of 17 are required to wear a DOT-approved motorcycle helmet at all times while riding. This includes dirt bikes and other low-power bikes like mopeds. 

Why Helmets Are So Important

Since the early ’70s, studies have been used to prove that wearing a motorcycle helmet reduces the risk of injury and death if an accident occurs. While there are still some states like Illinois and Iowa, that have no helmet law in place, other states have chosen to enact some form of law governing their use. Indiana is one of 28 states that have what is known as a partial helmet law.

The agents at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency can provide motorcycle owners who live in or near Mishawaka, IN all of the information they need to know concerning helmet laws in the state of Indiana. They can provide statistics on how helmets save lives as well as the benefits of consistently wearing your helmet when you are out riding. Call and schedule your appointment at your earliest convenience and get your motorcycle policy reviewed by one of our professionals.