Empty Nest Syndrome – Impact to Car Insurance?

Kids grow up fast and even though as teenagers they can be a primary reason that auto insurance goes up in Mishawaka, IN, eventually they move out of the house. And that can mean big savings on a car insurance when the kids are officially on their own and living elsewhere. An auto insurance policy typically has to be crafted with all the real risks in mind for a car covered. And that includes all the legal drivers in a household, not just the driver stated on the insurance policy as the premium payer. It’s a well-known fact that teens have a higher probability of accidents with far less experience on the road, so coverage for a car in a family home is going to go up to compensate for this risk being possible on a covered car. The only way to avoid it, quite frankly, is to specifically agree that a teen cannot drive the car at all, and that’s not realistic in most family homes.

To get a good idea how much the cost of an auto policy can change once the kids have moved out, the Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency staff are available to provide quotes from various providers. They can run a comparison with the current market, detailing just how much of a difference a policy can change by with a rewrite. So if you’re a Mishawaka,┬áIN driver whose just about to see the kids off to college and empty out the house, give Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency a call. You’ll be amazed at what a quick analysis is likely to find in terms of market options available for auto coverage.