Top claims made under home insurance policies in Indiana

As a homeowner it is not only essential to carry a homeowners insurance policy it is important to make sure you have adequate coverage for the claims that are most likely to occur in the area in which you live. Below we have put together a list of the most filed claims in the Mishawaka, IN area. If you are unsure if you are adequately insured for these types of losses a specialist at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency will be happy to review your current policy.

In Indiana, the most common claim made under homeowners policies are losses caused by wind and hail. It is impossible to control the weather, but there are things you can do to lessen the damage caused by wind and hail in addition to making sure you have adequate insurance coverage. Make sure to park your car in a protected area in the event of a hail storm. If strong winds are expected put away patio furniture that could be blown around and damage your home.

The second most common claim filed in Indiana is the result of water damage. Water damage is often caused by melting snow or ice or the result of freezing pipes. If there is a significant snowstorm, be sure to have your roof cleared of snow to prevent damage to the roof. In the winter make sure your outside hose bibs are turned off, and your pipes are properly insulated to avoid pipes freezing and bursting. It is important to keep in mind that water damage caused by flooding may not be automatically covered under your policy. If you have concerns about flooding in your area, you should consider purchasing flood insurance.

If you are interested learning more about homeowners insurance and whether or not your policy offer adequate protection, please reach out to an insurance specialty at Kevin Dennis Insurance agency. We proudly serve the Mishawaka, IN area.