When Does my Business Require a Commercial Insurance Policy?

Commercial insurance is an important protection for a business and its assets. This is especially true for small businesses, who may be susceptible to losing their entire business over authentic- and frivolous lawsuits or claims. In Indiana, commercial insurance is not required by law, but having insurance is encouraged to be proactive in protecting your business.

Indiana is a modified comparative negligence fault state. What does this mean? It means that even if the blame for an accident is fully shared, your business can still be sued- and deemed liable- for damages for up to 2 years after an accident. Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency serving Mishawaka, IN understands the importance of commercial insurance policies and how to educate- and protect- its consumers. Agents are here to help.

Having an affective commercial insurance policy in place is the only way to assure that your business is not at risk for claims that could damage your business professionally, as well as financially. Living in a digital media era, it is easy and fast for a customer to complain via social media and start a potential lawsuit just through word of mouth. Are you prepared to combat this?

A good commercial insurance policy will usually include: workers compensation insurance, lawsuits, attorney fees, business and commercial automobiles, disability for employees, theft, fire and various other natural disasters, business losses and claims. Having a knowledgeable and experienced agent on your side to guide you through securing the right policy for your company will be the edge you need to be competitive and smart in picking your policy. If you are in the Mishawaka, IN area and think you may be in need of a commercial insurance policy for your business, contact the Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency today.