When to Update Your Home Insurance in Mishawaka

If your home insurance policy is looking a little dusty, you may want to think about giving it a makeover. If you live in Mishawaka, IN, then Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency has a few tips about renewing.

When You Spend 

The best time to renew your policy is when you start to spend big bucks on your home. Indeed, you’ll want to renew if you do a significant renovation to your home. So if you put in granite countertops or expensive bathroom fixtures, you’re going to want those to be covered if they’re damaged in a storm or act of vandalism. But you’ll also want to update your policy if you’ve bought new electronics, art or jewelry. You will never be able to predict how those things might be destroyed in some way, so it’s worth updating your policy to ensure that they can be replaced.

When You Don’t 

The truth is that your home insurance may need to be updated even if you haven’t changed anything major to the house. Many people don’t know exactly how much is covered when they initially signed their policy, only choosing the cheapest possible premium available. This can end up costing you more than you think. If the possessions inside your house aren’t covered, will you be able to replace your television, phone, and stereo? Or will you end up having to work the next few months just to be able to afford to buy the things you had already purchased in the past?

Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency serves the people of Mishawaka, IN, and wants you to be able to keep the things you own. If you need a new home insurance policy or are just looking for a quote, give us a call today.