Preparing your Mishawaka, IN home for winter

Winter is coming, and you need to ensure that your home is prepared.  There are maintenance tasks that you regularly perform to ensure that your home is kept up.  Winter weather, however, presents its unique challenges.  To ensure that your most valuable asset is protected, completing these tasks will reduce the wear and tear during winter.

Roof:  During the fall season, check the roof for any shingles that are missing or show damage.  Follow this with an inspection of the metal eave flashings.  Taking care of these potential problems while the weather is warmer can prevent them from developing into major issues when winter weather hits.

Pipes:  Take a walk around the exterior of the house and make sure that all pipes are wrapped securely and protected from ice and snow.  This will prevent them from freezing during the winter months.

Gutters:  The best time to inspect and clean a home’s gutters and down spouts is while the weather is still mild.  Clean gutters protect the exterior and foundation of a home by directing water and ice safely away from the walls.  Gutters that are filled with debris can cause them to become clogged with ice during winter weather.

Fire Extinguishers:  Fire extinguishers needs to be checked annually.  The pressure gauge should show that the unit is fully charged.  Take the time to ensure that every person living in the home understands how to operate the extinguisher.

Finally, spend some time reviewing the home insurance policy.  As your needs change, your policy will need to be adjusted.  You can easily compare policies online at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency.  The professionals at Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency serves the needs of homeowners in Mishawaka, IN.  They will ensure that you have the coverage your family needs.