Best way to pack your moving truck

You know you’ve had to move for a while. Hopefully you’ve been taking your time, packing boxes over the course of several months so you don’t have to rush it. Whatever the situation, you’ll be packing up the moving truck shortly. However, you shouldn’t just start tossing boxes and furniture randomly onto the truck. At Kevin Dennis Insurance Agency Inc, we want to make sure you have a safe move and everything ends up at the final destination in one piece. Whether moving to somewhere in Mishawaka, IN, leaving the area or you simply are passing through, here are a few helpful tips.

Distribute Evenly, When Possible

Loading a moving truck and loading a trailer are slightly different. When loading a trailer, you want most of the weight positioned around the wheels and slightly closer towards the back of the truck towing the trailer. This way, the trailer is less likely to whiplash and the far end of the trailer won’t slide across the ground. When loading a moving truck, you want to distribute the weight evenly. This gives you more control and it helps make unloading the truck easier.

Furniture On Ends

This is something that might only work with love seats and smaller sofas. However, if you can, try to load the furniture on the end and not horizontally. Horizontal sofas take up far too much valuable space, which is why you need to avoid this and stack it on its side.

Use the Straps

Along the side of trucks there is a slight railing. This is for tying off boxes and other objects. You need to use these railings along with ropes and straps to secure all boxes. Doing so helps prevent shifting while in transit and reduces potential damage sustained.